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The page provides download links for various data and results from the following paper: Kharchenko et al, "Comprehensive analysis of the chromatin landscape in Drosophila melanogaster", Nature doi:10.1038/nature09725.

Folded-view browser can be accessed here.

Raw data is available at the main modEncode site.

Chromatin segmentations

Wig files showing association of different genomic regions with the identified chromatin states:
[S2] [BG3]

DNase I sensitivity

Raw data

Links to the fastq files:
[S2] [BG3] [Kc167]

Smoothed read density

The wig files show DNaseI read density profiles, smoothed with a 150bp Gaussian kernel (primarily meant for visualization purposes):
[S2] [BG3] [Kc167]

DNase I hypersensitive sites

The detected (high-magnitude) DHS positions:
[S2] [BG3] [Kc167]
The tab-delimited files report the following columns:

  • chromosome
  • position on the chromosome
  • magnitude of the DNase I peak
  • maximum likelihood estimate of DNaseI reads enrichment over genomic background expectation (log2 scale)

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