H3K9me2 (multiple)

Source Catalogue # Lot # Host Species Clonality Website Validations?
W: Western blot validations
D: Dot blot validations
C: ChIP-chip/seq validataions
Passed / Total?
  • Western blot: Pass if the histone band constituted at least 50% of the total nuclear signal, was at least ten-fold more intense than any other single nuclear band, and was at least ten-fold more intense than recombinant, unmodified histone.
  • Dot blot: Pass if at least 75% of the total signal was specific to the cognate peptide.
  • ChIP-chip/seq: Pass if the Pearson correlation is more than 0.8 on any pair of ChIPs performed from independent preparations matched for stage, cell type or biological tissue
Diagenode pAb-060-050 A90-0041 rabbit polyclonal Website
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Category Species Result Notes Conditions Image Validator
Western blot human Single histone band 0.5 ug/ml ON at 4C open Bing Ren Lab
Dot blot Passed Specific (94.5%); Cross-reacting peptides: H3K9me1 (5.5%) 0.5 ug/ml ON at 4C open Bing Ren Lab
ChIP-chip/seq human Failed Marketed as ChIP grade Bing Ren Lab