H3K9me3 (multiple)

Source Catalogue # Lot # Host Species Clonality Website Validations?
W: Western blot validations
D: Dot blot validations
C: ChIP-chip/seq validataions
Passed / Total?
  • Western blot: Pass if the histone band constituted at least 50% of the total nuclear signal, was at least ten-fold more intense than any other single nuclear band, and was at least ten-fold more intense than recombinant, unmodified histone.
  • Dot blot: Pass if at least 75% of the total signal was specific to the cognate peptide.
  • ChIP-chip/seq: Pass if the Pearson correlation is more than 0.8 on any pair of ChIPs performed from independent preparations matched for stage, cell type or biological tissue
Abcam ab8898 339901 rabbit polyclonal Website
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Category Species Result Notes Conditions Image Validator
Western blot worm Passed Single histone band 1:200 ON at 4C of 0.5 mg/ml stock open Strome and Ahringer Lab
Dot blot Passed Specific (80%); Cross-reacting peptides: H3K9me2 (<10%), H3K9me3S10ph (<10%) 1:3000 ON at 4C open Strome and Ahringer Lab
ChIP-chip/seq worm Passed Marketed as ChIP grade Strome and Ahringer Lab