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Supplementary Material

Hamada FN*, Park PJ*, Gordadze PR & Kuroda MI, Genes & Development, 2005

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Affymetrix Raw Data

Each file is 12MB

Experiment RNAi GFP
1 RNAi_1 GFP_1
2 RNAi_2 GFP_2
3 RNAi_3 GFP_3

Excel table

Kuroda_MSL2_RNAi_Data.xls (4.6MB)

1ProbeAffymetrix Probe Identifier
2Transcript IDRepresentative Public ID (Affymetrix annotation)
3Chr LocationAlignment (Affymetirx annotation)
4Gene SymbolGene Symbol (Affymetrix annotation)
5FlybaseFlybase ID (Affymetrix annotation)
6-8Ratio-Exp1-3RNAi/GFP Ratio (log2 scale) Probe-level analysis for each experiment (computed using Comparative Analysis in Affymetrix GCOS)
9filter.passed=0 if filtered out because there are "Absent" calls on more than half of the arrays
10ratio.stable=0 if filtered out because the ratios in the 3 experiments are inconsistent (see Supplementary information below)
11-16GFP/RNAi_SignalSignal values computed by Affymetrix GCOS

Further annotations can be found from the Affymetrix website.

Supplementary information

More information can be found in this pdf file (7 pages, 550K)

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